Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Walking myself thin...

I want to be thin, well ok pipe dream but at least not obesely fat would do me nicely. So have got myself a pedometer and am seeing how many steps I do a day and how many calories I burn !!

I have lost a stone and a half since starting work, so theres some good come out of it hehe, but I am determined to get within half a stone of my 'ideal weight'.

So far todays total is 8287 steps, 3.923 miles wlaked, 223.7 cals burned ( is that all :O ) The recomendation is 10,000 steps, if I aim for over that then I have to be burning extra calories and have to be heading in the right direction.. I hope hehe

Boring it may be, but I am going to post a little daily update here so I can monitor how much walking I am doing, and how many calories I am burning... got to keep it up if I wanna get thin(ish)

Will update again with the entire days total tonight when I get back from work ... if I have not been sacked of course hehe

Edited to add

The grand total for today is ...

Steps taken - 16895
Mileage - 7.999
calories burnt - 456.1

which is pretty good I guess, though would have thought that i would have burnt more calories than that !! I have not lost my job, but will be working overtime the rest of this week at least !! Will explain all another time:)