Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I hate my job. Its not a particuarly exciting job,indeed its as boring as boring can get. Its crap paid too. But its a job, it fits in around the kids and meds etc so its kinda ok. I do the job the best I can, but am getting mighty pissed off. Every so often theres a whinge that a particular task has not been done, which would be fine if I had been told that I had to do task in the first place. I have asked time and time again over the past seven weeks since I started for a job description. For a list saying that xyz is my job, abc is not my job. Without knowing what exactly I am supposed to be doing how the heck am i supposed to do it ????

Srecond point thats really pissing me off, we have a new woman doing the job. last night as two staff were off sick, she had to work with me. Now bear in mind, i am a bit of a crock. I have arthritis, get breathless if I do too much, ache all over etc... but thats not stopping me working. Some people ar just downright ruddy lazy. this woman pootles along, as slow as she possibly can, point out tasks she needs to do, she tuts and sighs, then may or may not do it. Then have to nag her to do it, if the first request is ignored. All this means she slows me down. Because of the security restrictions she cannot be left to it, someone HAS to accompany her at all times. But of course any jobs that don't get down will not be her fault will they ? Grrrr

Today theres a big meeting going on, discussing the contracts and what we are not doing that we should be. But if I don't know what I am supposed to be doing how do I do it ??

Waiting to hear I have been sacked, look forward to a tribunal for unfair dismissal if they do!!