Saturday, December 01, 2007

Evangelising - UCKG

Whilst I respect other peoples views on life and the right of each individual to follow the faith of their choice, I have strong objections to having religion, in any form, shoved down my throat. I have a notice on my front door, specifically asking for no religous callers. I do not want to listen to anyone telling me what a terrible sinner I am !! I do not want to have anyone else telling me what I should do and how I should live. I do not believe in god, the lord, jesus, satan etc etc sorry but the whole concept just does not work for me. I cannot believe in them, I have tried believe me, I tried. Finally I found a path in life that I am happy with, that feels right for ME.

I would never, ever however, try to tell any other person that they must follow my path, nor berate them for having different beliefs. Least of all would I try to invade their home with literature about my beliefs.

So why do some sections of some religions believce this to be acceptable nehaviour ? This afternoon I receicved a newspaer style publication through the door, from a group calling themselvbes UCKG. Sorry but I don't want it, why not read the notice on the door and respect my beliefs? My sign is clear but polite.

' I have my own very strong beliefs. I respect others beliefs and ask that you respect mine and do not call on me to discuss religion in any form. Thank you '

I find the delievery of this xtian paper, peddling their beliefs, to be incredibly rude and offensive. I am not a xtian, I know plenty about their religion, and it does not sit well with me. There are too many contradictions. There is so so much stuff that I could gpo into here, but I won't!!!
I just wish that these darn people would show RESPECT for others.

I actually might just parcel the paper back up and send it back to them, and tell them exactly how rude they are, only they will probably not give a monkeys !!

Edited to add: Have just added a link to the wilkepedia description to the UKCG, seems that they are a cult and are the church involved in the 'exorcism' of Victoria Climbie . says it all really doesn't it ? Such a great church, such a great beleif system that failed to protect the wellbeing of a child.


Dan said...

You only don't want them at your door in case they throw salt at you and try attaching you to a stake.

Fire up the BBQ!