Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Big catch up part one

Responding to the nagging which started less than 30 minutes after I was back online, here is part one of the news from me!! I have lots to say (whats new I hear you cry!!) and so will try to break it down into manageable chunks.

Well, have not been around since mid december, sure you know why! Have enjoyed the break to an extent, though I have missed it all too.

Okie Skye news first.

She took part in her first school nativity play, where she, with the rest of her class, sang a lullaby. She was of course brilliant, remembered all the words and actions and did not seem at all bothered by the hundred plus parents jammed in to the hall !! Mummy, of course bawled her eyes out!!

She has been referred for speech therapy at last, via the nursery and the appy should only take a couple of weeks yay!!

In some of the biggest news to involve Skye recently, her feet have grown pmsl. After nearly two years having size 5 1/2 feet she has now grown to one size 6 and one size 6.5! Trust Skye to be difficult. The bloke who measured her feet in Clarkes must have thought I was barmy as I did a little jig in the shop, cheering 'yes yes her feet have grown!!!'

Off to make another coffee and then MAY update a little more


Posh Totty said...

Welcome back Doll, have missed you :o) xxx