Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Glow stick incident

I have just realised whilst posting on Neenaws blog that I have not posted on here about the glow stick incident involving Garin !!

Whilst I was offline, we had a little problem. Many of you know of the mischeif Garin gets up to, his latest being biting the top off of a glow stick. literaly, he picked it up, looked at it, and bit right through it. Mouthful of flourescent pink fluid, mad panicking mum. Wiped it out of his mouth then ran and got him a drink of very diluted juice. Grabbed phone and dialled 999. Thank the goddess for the call taker , who with immense calm( and only the trace of laughter in his voice) he reassured me that Garin was not about to suffer from an untimely end, and put me through to nhs direct, who did not manage to keep the laughter out of their voices and roared with laughter dowqn the phone!!!

Alls well that ends well, though the flourescent pink nappies were another matter. top tip though, do not give glo sticks to toddlers with sharp teeth. Garin aka Fang is being measured for a muzzle hehehe


Posh Totty said...

1, I am quite discusted that NHS direst laughed at you down the phone, as a mother you have every right to be concerned about your child, no matter how daft it may seem to them.

2, I have done something equally as daft and phoned NHS direct because my son ate a ..... wait for it you will like this ..... Pumpkin seed *blush* ..... PMSL!!! yes muggings here didnt know they were edable and when JD ate one mass panic set in. Luckily NHS direct set me straight and with out laughing at me (well not to my face anyway lol)

3, glow sticks are fab, we are glow stick mad in this house :o)

Dan said...

Glow Sticks... Many years ago, I used to go live role playing at Chiselhurst Caves, Kent. Obviously, deep caves = dark, and in case of natural gas, the only light source was either Light Bulb (too directional) or Glow Sticks.

Of course, we all bought glow sticks.

Being the smart guy I was, we had ALL sorts of fun with them, and I've had the stuff in my face, mouth, eye, nose, been covered in it. It's a VERY cool effect to have it in your mouth in a pitch black cave.

The ONLY problem with glowsticks is that the two chemicals are kept seperate by a thin glass vial, and if you make a hole large enough, then the glass can come out - it's fine and sharp. Piercing the tube isn't enough to get it out, but a big enough hole = glass injury.

I'm rather shocked that the NHS Direct laughed though - usually when I've called for anything they've been great, and only my silly concerns that have me laughing at greeting with chuckles.

I hope it's the fact that it was something so unusual that had them chuckling - still not an excuse - but I imagine in a high pressure job, more for the 999 taker, it's nice to have something simple to deal with.

And FYI, they taste yuck ;)