Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Tramadol is a painkiller which I was prescribed for my arthritic pain. It is notoften that I use it as it does space me out more than a little bit, but Sunday night I was in so much pain I took some. Gary had promised that he wouldget up to deal with the kids if they woke up, so I took it, said a garbled good night to my friends on msn, apologies to Dan and Mand for the extreme crapgarble that came out that night ;) , and headed bedwards. Within about half an hour Skye woke up with sore eyes, then again an hour later ... and so it continued all night. Gary in typical man fashion snored along peacefully slumbering the night away!!!

Anyone who has taken Tramadol will know that when your body tells you to sleep it really is a good idea to do so. By morning I was wrecked, feeling sick and barely able to keep my eyes open, slurring my words etc, so after letting the school know that Skye would not be in ( she has conjunctivitis) I abandoned the kids to Gary and crawled back to bed. Had to get up about 11 when Gary went to work, but by then things had improved, though maybe not as much as I thought as certain people informed me I sounded half pissed rofl.

Evening came, cooked dinner, fed the family, kids to bed, watched tv and chatted on msn, then went for a bath. Got out the bath and sat on the bed to sort some stuff out, only to be woken up by Gary two hours later saying that I had gone to bed!! Yep somehow, I had fallen asleep , and even got under the duvet !!!

This morning, after a good sleep I feel much better, but warning loyal readers and Dan, beware of the effects of Tramadol.... its not pretty!!!


Posh Totty said...

Hehe tramadol have the oposit effect on me, they make me talk a lot lol.

Dan said...

Tramadol have NO bloody effect on me... I started them, suffered for weeks, still in pain, and would take 2 or 3 at a time with no effect.

Now Dihydrocodiene is where it's at... THAT is a pain killer... Leads to complete loss of directional sense apparently too. I know someone that tried to go home but went int the opposite direction.

Of course, I won't embarras Posh Totty and name her...

Posh Totty said...

Dan, I just love you, I really do