Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Arlen Cabrera - Please help.

Just over a week ago I posted about Mayra Cabrera, who died in our local hospital maternity unit, after being given an epidural into her arm instead of her spine. Her husband Arlen, is now being deported because the terms of his visa say that he may only remain here as long as his wife is working here. The verdict of the inquest found that Mayra's death was unlawful killing.

Now without pointing the finger of blame at any individual, which is not my job, the bottom line is, someone or some persons, working for the NHS, acted in a way that resulted in the death of Mayra. If that is judged to be criminal, is not something that I would even begin to judge without having all the facts at my disposal,and is for the justice system to decide upon.

How can it be considered acceptable on a moral level, to say to a man, hey your wife has been unlawfully kiled by person or persons here, and so as she can no longer work, we are going to send you back to the Phillipines, showing no compassion, or consideration for either you or your son. ?

Well, I think it is totally wrong. This man did not ask for his wife to die, why should he be further punished ?

If you feel the same, if you would like to do something to help then could I ask you to write a letter of support for Arlen Cabrera to be given leave to remain in the UK. Please send it to

Anne Snelgrove MP
7 Little London Court

Ane is the local MP and is backing Mr Cabrera in his bid to stay here.

I have submitted a petition on the subject to the gov't website, if it is accepted I will post the link here and ask you all, to please please pass it on. Lets not see this injustice done to a man grieving for the loss of his beloved wife, nor to the son who has so cruelly been robbed of his mother .