Friday, February 22, 2008

Drama or real life ?

Bit of an observation on life, television, entertainment and trolls.

Is it possible, I wonder that the 'drama' that passes for entertainment on TV these days, actually in some strange way, encourages the behaviour of trolls on t'internet.

Let me explain my theory here. Take a soap opera, no soap in particular, they all have the same basic format after all. In fact lets make one up ' Windy suburb' , in Windy suburb, there's a family, lets call them the Frogwills. Mr Frogwill is a respectable engineer by day, but by night he is a wife beater. Mrs Frogwill runs away from him, and as this is soap land, she gets run over by a Juggernaut, driven by Simon Plerty, who is actually the man who has been having a secret affair with Mrs Frogwill. The Frogwills teenage daughter then discovers she is pregnant by her drug addict boyfriend, the baby of course can not be born in hospital (its against the law in soap land) and is born ill, which of course is blamed on the father ... Well , you get the picture. In soap land nothing ever goes smoothly, and that is after all what people watch it for. Who would switch on to watch normal people going about their ordinary lives?

The trouble is, I think that a small percentage of the viewing public have got things a bit twisted. They watch the soaps, they see the characters having these dramas, they then read the 'glossies' and see the attention the actors and actresses get from the media, and get themselves all confused. They seem unable to see that the actors and the characters they play are two separate entities. They get it in to their peculiar little minds, that to get that kind of attention, they need to lead an equally dramatic life. As their lives are actually as boring as 99.9999% of the population, they invent it all. They make up the crap they post onto Internet forums, because that's what they see on the TV each and every day. They, in some kind of weird and twisted way, think that what they see on TV is reality and therefore to get attention their lives must reflect that.

Probably total BS but its my theory anyway !!!


Posh Totty said...

Good theory, I agree

The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

Ohhh you've really spoilt it for me now - I thought it was all real.

Tee hee!

Love that you can see exactly who is visiting you and when. You'll have to let me know how to put that on my blog too please.

Bev xx