Friday, February 08, 2008

Feeling proud of myself

Today has been a day of doing good deeds, and even better, for once my efforts have been appreciated!!!

I set off on the school run this morning, pottering along as Skye and I are prone to do, we came across two school boks and a letter on the path. Picked them up and they belonged to a child at Skyes school ( there are two schools close to each other so could have been either). So we took them with us and Skye very proudly gave them to her headmistress!!

Then went to help clear out the last school mobile class room. When the boys were at the school there was four or fice mobiles, but over the past years the school have managed to replace them with smart brickbuilt buildings. The mobile was full of various bits, including lots of toys. I was shocked to see they were all going to be skipped, so rescued all the best stuff, mainly toys, including two play kitchens and bought them home ( two trips second one in the car ;) ) then listed them all on Freecycle, lots of emails later and all the toys have been rehomed. One kitchen went to a local childminder who sometimes collects Skye from school for me, without charging me, one to a fellow heart family, play tables have gone to other families, and bags of toys are heading off to new loving homes tonight :)

I have that warm, happy feeling tonight, not only have I saved half a skip from landfill, I have managed to spread a little happiness at the same time :) Not to mention saving some poor parent from having to fork out to replace two lost school books lol!!

Firmly ignoring the increased chest pains all the running around is causing though hehehe, nothings going to ruin this for me :)


Dan said...

hehe go you ;) You should have created a bonfire from all of them just to make your "carbon footprint" rubbish go off the scale! hehe

And that includes the school books!

Posh Totty said...

Yay well done you :o) Nothing like a good deed to make you feel good inside