Monday, May 26, 2008

10 things I thought today

Tagged by Posh Totty

1. In bed 02:00 approx .... If he doesn't stop snoring I will stick a pillow of his head .....

2. about 07:00 ...' Oh garg its not time to get up already surely '

3. 10:00 ... whats the betting that the council don't turn up to collect my knackered fridge, even though they said it would be today AND I have paid them! ( For the record I was right ;) )

4. 11:00 Whys it always rain on bank Holidays when I need to go shopping

5. 12:00 guess I better get the kids in wellies and splash suits and go shopping

6. 13:00 Why have we got four odd wellies and no matching pairs, why does Garin always have a pooey nappy as soon as I get him into splash suit and out the door, and why does Skye always decided at the last minute that she wants to go wee........

7. 13:30 In AsDA, I hate Asda staff, need I say more

8. 13:40 .. In chemists... I have been buying Phenergan every year for the past 12 years, I buy it reguarly, so why do you have to give me the Spanish Inquisition every ruddy time?

9. 14:30 YAY Sound of musics on, wooooooooooooooo

10. 21:35 ... Oh God Posh has tagged me again !!

I tag ..Kelly , Karen and Kymm


Posh Totty said...

Haha I loved your first and last thoughts on the list :o)