Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Could only happen to us ... well maybe not rofl

Now there's no doubting that my two yr old son keeps us busy, he is shall we say, a bit of a monkey and if there is trouble to be found, he will be in the middle of it. If there is danger, he finds it ... you get the picture he he

Well it would seem he is not the only one, should we ever fly anywhere this is just the sort of thing that would happen to us!!!

Yes folks, a family flying from Vancouver to Winnipeg, did not leave their luggage, tickets or passports at the departure gate, they left their 23 month old son!! In the rush to repack their luggage, and get on board the flight in time, the family became separated, and both sides of the family assumed the child was with the other ..... until a message reached them sometime along the journey asking if the toddler just discovered by security at the airport was theirs!!

Before anyone jumps on me, yes I know how much danger the poor, little chap was in, can totally see how lucky he was to be found by security and kept safe until his dad got back to collect him but I can also see the very funny side, partly maybe because this is exactly the sort of thing that could happen to almost anyone, certainly to a child like mine, who however many precautions you take, always finds himself some sort of mischief.

Glad he was reunited safely with his family, and hope they can build a happy and safe new life for themselves in Canada. Maybe this will spur on the airline industry to issue some sort of boarding pass for babies as well .... we will see!!!