Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stagecoach Buses ... Tw@ts

Today got a stagecoach bus to town with both the littlies. Skye being tired was in the buggy, Garin sat next to me. We had only been on the bus a minute, when we went round a roundabout. Now anyone who has ever been to swindon will know, that Swindon is (in)famous for its roundabouts. They are many in number, and many of them are not exactly easy to negotiate. Now unfortunatly we had a new bus driver, a female, probably her first day in the job, she had another driver with her anyway. So she tried to drive around this particular roundabout, not an easy one to negotiate, and due to her inexperience, hit the curb or roundabout, not sure which as was kinda distracted by the buggy, complete with Skye, went flying, Garin went flying, and I dived for them both. The kids both started screaming, I rescued Skye, a lady behind me rescued Garin and gave him a cuddle for me, someone else uprighted the buggy... and the driver panicked and did three circuits of the roundabout. her colleague shouted at her, then bellowed at me to see if I wanted an ambulance.

Injury list is not bad, Skyes got badly bumped legs, and having leg probs anyway is in a fair bit of discomfort tonight, she has a hot water bottle, and pain meds, hoping she will be less sore tommorow. Garin banged his scar on his head and thats looking a bit inflamed, but nothing major.

Injuries aside, what the hell are Stagecoach doing sending a driver out with so little experience to negotiate a really tricky roundabout? Surely common sense would have made sure that she was capable of handling a bus round the route befoire allowing passengers to be under her care? I do not blame the driver, poor woman had to get off the bus shorthly after, and her colleague took over. I blame Stagecoach, 100 percent. If they were halfway decent employers they would have trained the poor woman properly, made sure she got experience BEFORE they subjected her to taking passengers.

Styagecoach are a.. well don't know how I can describe them!!. I am in two minds what to do about this, I don't want the poor lass to get in trouble, but I do want to be sure that the comapny trains its new drivers properly.

Hope the driver is ok, and hope my littlies are soon over their bumps and bruises.

Any advice and what to do for the best?


The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

What did you decide to do about this in the end Em?

Bev x