Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy no time to stop today

Please accept my apologies, I am still around, been a bit of a rough weekend, then have not stopped all week long... and its only Wednesday!!! Friday is the school fete, and as I volunteered for the vice chirpersonship, that means I have to help lol. I have spemnt three days sat in the school, along with fellow committee members, sorting out donations, labelling them for the tombola, folding raffle tickets , drinking coffee, gossing... no no honestly we have been working very hard!!

Then home baking cakes for the cake stall. Piles of cakes are still making their way out of my kitchen, some might even make it to the fete without the family devouring them all!!

Also occupying my time is Arthur Pendragon and his picket of Stonehenge ... but more of that later on .....

anyway the point of this post is to say I am around, am not ignoring anyone, just frantically busy and very very tired!! Will catch up properly later in the week. Hope to post again later this evening or tommorow in respect of Arthur!!!


DafadDdoniol said...

Am intrigued as to what Arthur's up to Em!

Hope you're all ok xxx