Saturday, July 12, 2008

Getting into the Political Arena

Following on from my post about Arthur, I have decided to start doing my bit. So last night, I managed to get myself invited to a 'Cameron Direct' meeting, where members of the voting public get to meet with and ask questions of David Cameron , leader of the Conservative party.

I texted Arthur and asked him if he wanted me to ask anything for him, and he duly texted me back with a question.

' Do you Mr Cameron, agree with Robert Key, MP for Salisbury, that further public consultation on Stonehenge is a 'step in the right direction' and would any future tory gov't be prepared to act on the findings of the public enquiry and build the tunnel'

So off I toddled, I was shaking with nerves, felt so sick and was all in all a bit of a nervous wreck. I am not a shy person really, but standing up in a room full of starngers and asking something that would be out of the norm of a man as well known and with prospectively so mucgh power, well I shook!! But I did it!! i kept putting up my hand, kept shaking, but kept plugging on, eventually I got the finger pointed at me, a microphione was placed in my hand and it was go!. I asked him the question, slightly reworded due to my nerves, but got the message across. David Cameron, was quite simply stumped!! He really did not know what to say but was honest enough to admit it, and has said that he will look into it and email me. I have emailed him this morning, to remind him, and will await his answer with anticiaption. Will update as soon as I do.

I have to say though, that nerves notwithstanding, I did enjoy it, and think I might have found my niche

if you fancy watching my moment of fame, click on this link, and look at the bottom of the page for Swindon!! 26mins 30 secs in if you want to fast forward ;)


The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

Well done you. An MP without an answer - be it right or wrong - makes a change!

Bev xx