Sunday, July 06, 2008

Arthur .....

Hmm well what is Arthur up to!! Why is Em begging people who might just be passing Stonehenge to take on a mission ...

All is about to be revealed... not thats its been a secret, if any of you had googled you would have found out lol

Well ... perhaps I will let his press release do the majority of explaining


Winter Solstice 2007

Stonehenge was presented to the Nation after the Great War in 1918. Sixty years later in 1978 a fence was erected around it. Thirty years on what’s changed?


After spending many years and an obscene amount of public money on consultations, enquiries and the commissioning of countless reports and architectural drawings, the Stonehenge Vision as expressed by English Heritage, to return the Temple to a natural environment and remove the fence that holds it in a stranglehold like a snared animal, is dead in the water. Why?

Because since 1918 H M Government, Her Loyal Opposition and agents, English Heritage, Wiltshire Constabulary, The Highways Agency, The Department of Transport, Salisbury District Council, The Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport, Wiltshire County Council and their predecessors, have been all equally complicit in the mis-management and failure to comply with their duty of care for this living, working Temple that was left to us, the people of this once green and pleasant land.

Countless enquiries amount to nothing because no one is prepared to invest in what is after all A World Heritage Site and, incidentally, the biggest cash cow in English Heritage’s arsenal.

The Authorities have shown their gross incompetence in their mis-management of Stonehenge and therefore, on behalf of the Nation and the people therein, I lay claim to this Temple and will mount a legal, moral and political challenge to their custodianship.

In the meantime, I have spent the best part of twenty years in negotiations with said agencies, only to have it brushed aside with the stroke of a pen. It is now my intention to celebrate Solstices and Equinoxes in the environs of Stonehenge but I will not enter the Temple until their promise is realized and the fence removed.

My mistake was, I dared to dream, dared to believe and to work for their vision. I too have a vision, to re-erect the fallen Stones, replace the lintels and rebuild our Temple. I call upon leaders of other religions, belief-structures and philosophies to support me in this. I call also upon the people of Salisbury to support me through the ballot box and to send a peoples’ champion to Westminster to represent them in Parliament – by, for and of the people.

Arthur Pendragon Independent Proposed Parliamentary Candidate for Salisbury

Need a translation? In short English heritage have failed to honour their promise to grant free and open access to Stonehenge for ALL people. Arthur has got totally fed up of them putting things off and sidestepping the issue. So he has taken Camelot caravan and is now living near to Stonehenge. Each day Arthur makes his way to the gates and sets up a peaceful picket. He displays a banner asking that EH honour its word. He has pledged to remain there until things have changed and all people have Free and Open access to the stones.

Lots of links now for you

Arthur on Facebook

Arthur on Twitter

Arthur on Flickr

Arthurs own website The Loyal Athurian Warband

And a little video so Arthur can tell you in his nown words what he is doing ...

Now if you feel like you want to support Arthur in his aim, what can you do? well join his Facebook page for starters!! If you happen to be passing Stonehenge, why not drop in with a few supplies! Tea, coffee, cidewr, food, toilet rolls... you get the picture. If you feel really up to helping theres links on his Facebook where you can donate a few quid, all helps!!

Or text him (number available on Facebook, or email me hehe) and let him know that he has lots of support.

Hope that explains what Arthur is up to, why and what have you :D


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Good luck Arthur :o)