Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Before opening mouth .....

Sometimes I despair of the human race!! The things some people say or write makes me so gobsmacked its a miracle my jaw doesn't break .. (again !!)

However there are three levels I have noticed. Those who are

A) having a dappy/blonde/senior moment and are genuinely nice people who get upset when they realise what they have done (and yes folks I freely admit to being in that club!)

B) actually just totally thoughtless, and even when its pointed out to them, they apologise but are left puzzled as to why upsets been caused.

C) Those who for some sick, twisted reason, decide to spout out nastiness for the fun of it.

Cat A, as I have already said, is me, sometimes I do put my foot in it, but I always try not to, and when I do foul up I always apologise. I can cope with these kind of people.

Cat B... well had one of those around recently, will not go into details as do not want to identify them. But oh boy did I get cross over stuff they did/said/sent... sometimes I despair lol!! These I can handle, even if I feel like smacking my head on a brick wall.

Cat C .. well this is the one I want to talk about really tonight. Last Thursday evening, two little boys were heading for the play park, accompanied by their older siblings. Two little boys, just 6 and 7 years old, out playing, enjoying the warm weather, two little boys enjoying the freedom from school night bedtimes, enjoying the summer holidays. They ran across a road, behind a parked bus, and into the path of a double decker bus. The 6 yr old was trapped under the bus, he is believed to have died instantly , the 7 yr old is in hospital, 5 days on he is still listed as being critical but stable. So many lives torn apart, the two sets of parents, the siblings who saw it happen, helpless to stop it, the other kids playing in the park, the neighbours who ran to the rescue, the bus passengers, the poor poor bus driver. THIS is what I call devastation.

Yet through that devastation, comes the evil little creatures, slimy little pieces of dirt. They crawl out, protected by their computer screens from the human gaze, protected from the backlash, and post on a public forum. Post evil wicked dross. Suggesting that the parents were to blame, they shouldn't of been out at that time of night, that the little boys life didn't matter because he lived on a council estate, suggestions that his parents could replace him, to top their benefits back up, thats the milder stuff, some was just so evil, that I cannot bear to repeat it. It made me feel physiacally sick. Some kind hearted person started a 'Gone to Soon' site for the little lad. Even there, even on a memorial site some twisted individual feels it right to post derogatory comments against the lads parents.

Why? I guess they are cowards. If they actually faced the parents, would they have the guts to spill their hatefilled words? Would they hell. No if they had to actually stand and look into the face of that boys parents, look into the eyes of the mother whose baby has been torn from her. What would they see? Pain, desolation, anger, disbelief... I don't know.

They are cowards, these cyber bullies, they always hide behind nicknames, fake ids, probably even fake locations. They make me vomit. What to do about them? Well, sod all, unless forums such as local newspapers, actually take responsibility for their actions. Actually pay someone to sit and moderate every single comment before it reaches the boards. Alternatively, don't allow comments!!

They are sick, eveil, twisted cowards. the lowest of the low. One day karma won't just bite them on the bum, karma will rip them a whole new a**eH**e

Whatever. End of the day, all I can say is Fly High little man. Your death has devastated so many. RIP mate. May your family know peace. May your friend make a full recovery. May all involved find a way to cope.....


The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

I heard about this on the radio on the way home at the weekend. My thoughts are with the families of the little lads.

Such a sad waste of a young life.

As Em has said, Fly high