Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kids and roads ... bring back the green cross code man

A few weeks ago I blogged about a little local lad who had died in a horrible road accident. He and his mate had run out from behind a bus, into the path of an oncoming double decker bus. One died, the other was left with awful head injuries. thankfully the injured boy has reportedly made a full recovery.

Tonight I stepped out the front door, to chuck some rubbish in the bin. Our road is a main road, fairly quiet by many standards, but it IS a main road, one which buses, cars, lorries and the like frequent. Our section of the road is straight and on a hill. It encourages the idiot drivers to speed. It was 8pm, it was dark, and I was more than a little gobsmacked to see bombing down the centre of the road, a boy aged about 8, riding a toy scooter. wearing dark clothing, no lights (well its a scooter hey!). But please, what the hell was he doing? If a vehicle had come round the corner at that moment the consequences are unthinkable.

A few weeks ago I looked out the kitchen window, in the turning opposite there were three young boys, aged between 6 and 10, playing on their bikes. The 6 yr old suddenly dashed into the road, just as a van turned the corner. The driver was , thankfully, very alert and braked in time.

What the heck is going on? Is it me or are kids today even less road savvy then we were as kids? What ever happened to the Green Cross Code man? Bet most of you (Britishers anyway) will remember him from your youth. There was green cross code man )(played by the guy who was Darth vader in star wars

Then later on celebs such as Kevin Keegan, were used.

Just my opinion, but I think its high time to bring back the Green Cross Code. Use celebs of today, David Beckham for example. Even cartoon characters.. its not rocket science is it!! Replace all the kids tv ads for junk food with Green Cross Code ads. Maybe, just maybe it would work.


Posh Totty said...

Oh its deffo not just you, I feel the same too, since I have been driving I have noticed it even more, I think teenagers are the worst too, they seem to think they are invincable and never think twice before just walking into the road with out so much as looking at whats comming and if you have the cheek to slam on your breaks or bib your horn to prevent hitting them, there horrendous bad attitude, bad mouth and evil looks are enough to make you wish you had run them over after all.

Yep Im with you on this, bring back the Green Cross Code Man, I STILL teach my children the STOP, LOOK & LISTEN way when we are at roads. Shame others dont practice the same.