Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Warning to all beofre I begin. This post contains a graphic description of the palpitations I suffer. It may cause upset to certain people. You have been warned, so if you think it might upset you, please do not read any further :)

I want to describe to my readers, what it feels like to have palpitations, what it does and why I feel like I do afterwards.In this way maybe some will understnd a little better and perhaps they will be a little less harsh towards me another time!!

Palpitations are a racing or irregular heart beat. I have had them in past years where they were caused by an overdose of caffeine. These ones are worse. My heart rate races, often for no reason at all, last night for example, I was sat watching the TV when it happened. Imagine if you were running. Your heart rate would increase, and you would find it harder to get your breath. If you keep running, you may find that your heart continues to race, eventually you will reach your limit, and slow down or stop running. Your heart rate will quickly slow down and return to normal. You could well feel tired with all that exercise.

Imagine now, that even though your heartrate is so fast it causes you physical pain, and you are struggling to breath, you cannot stop running. The pain increases and your breath becomes ever harder to catch. The pain is overwhelming, bringing you to tears. Thats what it is like when the palpitations do not settle quickly. I have no control over them. Whatever I do, I cannot slow the heartrate down. It is frightening, painful and leaves me, as you would feel after overdoing the exercise, totally exhausted.

Hope now one or two people will have a better understanding of the condition and results