Sunday, October 05, 2008

I need ....

a kick up the butt. I should be catching up on months worth of knitting projects I have promised to various people, but keep putting it off!! So dearest friends, if you spy me loitering on Facebook, forums or msn , and I do not have a pair of pins in my hands SHOUT AT ME!!!!

I have a noahs ark and animals to complete for the nursery, a xmas tree and decs for Skyes class, a rather nifty outfit for a friends baby, a jacket for a friend, to say nothing of the sweater dress, with matching jacket and hat I have promised myself I will do for Skye!!

Oh yes and the xmas presents for mum, a hooked rug..... oh gawd I must stop waffling and get on with some of it


Posh Totty said...

Consider yourself well and truely shouted at because you are in the middle of talking to me on msn instead of knitting right now.

However, dont run off and fetch ya knitting just yet, wait till you have finished talking to me first ;) hehe!!

Posh Totty said...

Did I tell you that I would dearly love a brown or black knitted baker boy hat? ..... Hint Hint ;)