Monday, September 01, 2008

The truth - My side.

Get a cuppa and make yourself comfy. This is going to be a very very long post.

When Skye was diagnosed with CHD, we joined a forum, where we hoped to get support. And we did. Lots of it. In return I gave alot of support, much behind the scenes, from keeping in contact with people whilst they were in hospital, to being a shoulder to cry on. From visiting in hospital to advising on claiming of benefits. Not all of the help I gave was about matters relating to illness, some was personal. Some advice was taken, some wasn't. All went well until .... well until something happened. I do not know, truly and honestly do not know what happened. All of a sudden though I found myself the subject of hatred. When I asked for support, it was refused. When meeting people they acted very oddly towards me, but I could not understand why things had changed so drastically.

Until recently that is. I still do not know why, but some one decided that she was going to use me, as a tool to gain sympathy I think. Accusations have been thrown, lots of mud has been slung. I have suspicions what is behind it, my growing friendship with a couple of mutual friends. But over the course of about two years the situation got worse and worse.

This is my defence. I have chosen not to post on the forum, tempting though it is. That would cause ill feeling and upset among innocent people who have nothing to do with this. I need to defend myself though and need very much to state the facts here.

I have never threatened to 'beat up' any member of the forum

I have never told anyone on the forum that I dislike them

I have never bullied any member of the forum

I have never cursed anyone on the forum

I have never threatened to 'use my witch powers' to harm anyone on the forum (or anywhere else for that matter!!)

For the record, once, some time ago, I posted something truly horribe about someone. I have apologised endlessly for that. What I posted was wrong. It was totally incorrect and I freely admit that. I have apologised to the person concerned, and she, being a very lovely lady forgave me for it. I would never again post any such crap. I learnt a harsh lesson. I have paid, over and over for what I did. Its over now. The person who I did that too, is NOT the person who has stirred up such a wicked hate campaign against me. The person I did that too is too decent a person for that.

The person who has done this, well she is someone totaly different, who has used my one bad action, to convince fellow members that I have done all the above to her.

I have not. If members of that forum, choose to believe any of it, after all I have done for them, well thats their lookout. If they want to believe all this crap, despite all the help, the cuppas, the visits I have given to them. If those who have used my shoulder to cry on, who have accepted advice and help in filling in the dreaded DLA forms, want to believe that I am capable of such total evil as that listed above, then they are not the people I thought they were.

If they want to make me their figure if hatred then so be it. I cannot stop them.

Just bear in mind though, who has really suffered because of this. Me and family? Yes I have lost support at a time when I really need it. One child with CHD, two more suspected of having it. Having a serious heart condition myself. Yes think its safe to say I and my family have suffered because of this person. Members of the forum? Yes, certain of them have because I am not there to support them now. Even worse, this persons hatred for me was so great, they did not even look after those they was supposed to.

Final point here, regarding my religion. I am not a 'witch' I am a druid. Big difference believe me. If you want to know what the difference is then ask me, I am happy to explain. Yes Dan teases me and calls me a witch, but that is just teasing, a joke between friends. And a joke is very different to whats been said by the other person.

I would not do any of the stuff listed above. Simple. It has not happened, nor will it ever happen.

However, person who is so downright evil, who is so sick, twisted and obsessed enough to have caused all of this, please take note. If you continue to cause me and mine harm, of ANY kind, I will take action. I have today spoken to both my solicitor and to the police. Spreading religous hatred (which accusations about my religion are!) is illegal.Defamation of character is a civil matter and as such can be dealt with through private prosecution. Any further incidents and you will find yourself answering to the police, in court and with a criminal record. I will also sue you privately for damages. I do not want to take that action, because by its very nature it would mean the forum being dragged through the mud, as the person concerned used their private messagig system, and contacts given to them by the forum. That I do not want. But its up to you, the individual who has spread so much hatred. Do you want to be responsible for the good name of that forum to be dragged into court with you, after all they have done for you? It rests with you. I am not going to lie down and take this shite any longer. I am fighting back.

If you have an ounce of courage, which I have to say I seriously doubt, you will issue an apology. preferably a public one. On your blog or on the forum. But you won't, will you? I am not perfect, I make mistakes and when I do, I apologise, I make amends. Because whatever my faults, I have courage to admit those mistakes!!

To the other members of said forum, if you want to believe the crap about me, thats your lookout. I just hope that the person concerned does not line you up as their next victim. I am not the first victim, I hope I am the last.

I will not return to the forum. I will no longer be available to support any one via there. Friends I have made, those who I am still in contact with, well it goes without saying, will of course still have my support, but it is as a friend, not as anything to do with the forum. Friends, please do keep in touch via here, facebook, other forums etc etc . People who now realise that they have treated me like shite because of the lies and want to make amends, well I am not vindictive. I do not blame you, and hope that we can reinstate our friendships. Its your call.

In love and light, no more hatred, no more religous discrimination. Onward and upward to bigger and better. May the damage thats been done, heal. Most importantly of all, may the forum concerned go back to being the fantastic source of support it used to be. may no more damage be done to it.

I am disabling comments here, simply because I suspect that it will turn into a slanging match, if you want to comment, either to offer support or to slag me off a bit more, well my email address is easily available!!