Sunday, September 07, 2008

Some times people just won't listen!

Sometimes, it really doesn't matter how hard you try to warn them, some people will not see the danger until its ripped dirty great chunks out of them.

I warned someone months ago, that there was a significant danger from a third party. That third party was lying outta their big fat botty wotty. I was promised an investigation, and a follow up email was also promised. Well never got that so can only assume that the investigation never happened.

Got a message from a friend today, telling me of their shock at the latest BS to issue from this third party. Talking on a subject that some people are very very knowledgeable, third party is making huge huge great bloopers.

Yet none of those who could do something about this piece of work, will do anything!

I predict, a lot more damage and destruction is going to be done. I predict that a whole bunch of people are going to get hurt .... again. Me? I am just glad to be out of it. If those in authority cannot and will not protect the vunlerable, who look to them for care, support and protection, then who the heck would want to be under thair 'authority and care' !!

A place that should be a refuge is yet again going to turn into a bloodbath. Its heart breaking that they choose to take that line. I am sorry for all those who will get hurt, yet so so glad to be out the whole mess!


kaybee352000 said...

You and me both hun, here they go again. Oh well we cant be in the middle of it this time!!!!