Friday, January 23, 2009

Skye and Garin cardiology appointment RESULT!!!

After a very early start, we are now home. And the news is GOOD

The rate of flow through Skyes heart has slowed down significantly, which is a good sign. the stenosis has not improved though, so her heart has just figured out its own little way of coping with the problem. She shows no signs of ARVC at the moment. this will be kept an eye on though at her cardiac appointments. If she shows symptoms though, we will be seen very quickly. She was an absolute little star, for both echo and ecg, and showed off to the cardiologist and students how good she was about stethoscopes now ( she did have a phobia of them for quite a while) All in all a fantastic appointment for Skye.

Garin, despite token protests was actually very good, and had echo, ecg and examinations without complaint, though the looks he was giving were enough to kill!! His heart shows no sign of the ARVC at the moment, but like Skye he will need monitoring throughout his life.

All in all, a superb appointment.


kaybee352000 said...

Fantastic news hun, and at least they will both now be monitored incase something should show up.... and not left to get so ill like you hugs xxx

Posh Totty said...

Fantastic news :oD Xx