Friday, January 16, 2009

Thanks Gordon

Well, good ole Gordon has done it for swindon hasn't he. Thanks to the complete and utter F**kUP he and his predecessor B'liar have made of this countries economy we are facing an horrendous few years. Now do not get me wrong, i think that recession comes around whoever is in charge, its the way it goes. But Gordy and B'liar with the rest of the inept inbred eejits currently in charge have fecked it up better than any other gov't has ever done.

Gary lost his job back before xmas. Not a major problem. Swindon is not a difficult place to find work, with many major companies having their bases here. But since the start of the year, we have lost Woolies, not just the store, but the distribution centre, we are now watching in despair as Honda go on shutdown. originally for two months, feb and march. Today we have heard they are now extending that shutdown for a further two months. To be fair to Honda, they are doig their best to keep the factory going and secure the jobs of the 4000+ staff employed there. But as the workers will be on half pay, and will be in effect sitting at home twiddling their thumbs, then there is going to be a huge number chasing the temp jobs. Add to that number the 1000ish offered redundency from Honda, the Woolies workers, not to mention the increasing number of other businesses cutting back on staff, shops closing, lack of money to spend leading to cut backs in the leisure market .. swindon is not going to be a fun place to be job hunting over the coming months.