Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today marks a day which will be with me for the rest of my life. The day a beautiful little girl, gained her wings and flew off the the Angels playground.

Bethany, was beautiful, she was mischeivous, she was funny and she bubbled over with character. I was never priveliged to meet her, but felt as if I knew her well, from her Dads regular updates, over at 0ddness . Bethy had CHD, she underwent a number of operations to give her a better quality of life and Bethy lived that life to the full. Shortly after her 4th birthday Bethy underwent another major open heart surgery. Tragically due to complications Bethy passed away.

I can vividly remember the day she got her wings. I had been busy that morning and I switched on the pc, hoping to read good news, that Bethy was getting better by the hour.

I clicked onto the website and read those awful words .... Bethy is an angel now ......

My legs gave way and I screamed at the computer screen, sat on the floor and wept. Wept for a beautiful, laughing, blond haired girl who I had never even met, wept for her parents Dan and Jodie, for her big brother Jaysen and the unborn baby her mum was carrying.

Why? Why would anyone feel that upset over a child they had never met? Simply because she was Bethy. Bethy had a magical effect on all that she came into touch with, even remotely via the internet. At her funeral there were wreaths from around the world, sent by the people who like me, fell under the spell of Bethy Angel.

February 21st 2005 is not a day anyone who knew Bethy will ever forget. Four years. Yet it seems like yesterday. Bethy, thinking of you as always, hoping that you are teaching the other CHD angels how to 'shake that ass' and sending buckets of love to Mummy, Daddy, Jaysen and Tamsyn.

Dan and Jodie I know this day will never be easy, but I hope and pray that the good memories of your time with Bethy outweigh the bad ones. That you can take some small comfort from the laughter and love that Bethy spread wherever she went. Love you guys xxxxx


The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

Bethy was, like you've said, a very beautiful little girl who always seemed to be smiling. She certainly touched my heart.

Thinking of her family and sending them much love.


DafadDdoniol said...

Sending them much love, I wasn't part of the CHD world at the time but have seen pictures and read her story since, a very beautiful little girl. Thinking of them xx