Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How come in the 21st century ...

We can send human beings millions of miles into space, but cannot save an ectopic pregnancy and move a baby two inches from a tube to a womb

We can clone a sheep ... yet we cannot stop babies being born with broken hearts

We allow people to spend £10,000 on cloning their dead dog, yet cannot wipe out third world debt

We spend hours a week watching others lives in soaps, crying in sympathy, whilst an old man in a neighbouring flat lies dead for weeks on end

When it rains we whinge its too wet, when its sunny we whinge its too hot, when it snows the entire country stops dead

We can sustain a human life in outer space, grow a life in a test tube, yet cannot save every baby born too soon

We have spent thousands of years fighting wars, yet still have not learnt that violence solves nothing

A man can kill a child, because he cannot be bothered to watch the road ahead, yet his punishment last less time than the child has lived.

A child can be tortured to death by the ones who should protect him without society noticing until it is too late. He receives more love after his death than at anytime during his tragic life.

What is wrong with the world? Human kind. Human kind can change the world, if only they would pull together instead of backstabbing, bitching and whining about the little things. Count your blessings, look at all you have, look at what you have in your life that is good, your children, their health, your health, a home, food to eat, warmth on an icy day, cold, clean water on a hot day. Give thanks to whatever entity you believe in for all you have, lambast those in power to change what MUST be changed. Protect the earth who gives you life, destroy the greed and selfishness that threatens to destroy us all.


Posh Totty said...

Very well said :oD Xx