Monday, February 02, 2009

Stand by your people Gordon

Now for a political rant. As I am sure you have heard, there are currently wildcat strikes occuring in the UK, in response to a major contract at the Total oil refinery in Lincolnshire to an Italian firm, who plan to import the workforce from Italy. The local workers are understandably more than a little peeved. They want the contract to go to British workers.

Yesterday Gordon Brown called the strikes 'indefensible' WTF?? Get a grip Gordon, these people are asking that you simply ensure they have jobs? WTF is wrong with that? Ity is not as if there is a shortage of available workers locally is there? But No No NO, we are Europe now aren't we, not Great Britain, so we must give the work to European workers. Meantime the unemployed British workforce will be forced to sign on and claim benefits, forcing the economy even deeper into recession. I am no politician, but even I can see that!!

Wake up Gordon and smell the coffee, before you find the pissed off populace rising up and kicking youe fat arse.