Monday, June 22, 2009

Hospital .... again

Well, April the 9th I was readmitted to hospital in Bristol. The ICD that was implanted in Feb had as always in my case gone wrong, and one of the wires had managed to dislodge itself from the right ventricle. So in I went, hung around all day (again) and finaly had the op done to reposition the wire.

Only at 10 pm that night (being the night before the easter bank holiday weekend, they did a quick test.... failure, a quick chest xray revealed that once again the wire has dislodged and as a result I was to stayt in until they could operate a third time. Unfortunatly, as previously mentioned, it was easter bank holiday weekend, so it was 5 days beofre I even got to see the consultant and a further 2 beofre they could actually do the op!! Finally though on 16th April they managed to do the op, and this time usisng a different type of wire, they were finally succesful woohoooooo.

Am making a very slow recovery this time, its been over two months and I am still not fully recovered, but hey I am getting there. So there you go, just one of many reasons why I have not updated the blog recently :D


Posh Totty said...

I am sorry you had to go thru all of this, but am pleased you are on the mend at last Xxx