Sunday, July 05, 2009

Watching the news --- aren't the media a funny old bunch??

Just in case you have been living in a bubble recently,. Michael Jackson is dead....

And every single darn day since he died we have been bombarded by reports on every aspect of his life, death, and all things between and beyond.

Now I appreciate that there are many MJ fans out there, fair play to you, personally I couldn't stand the man, but hey he was not a bad singer. BUT Fgs do we really need to know EVERYTHING???? Was it really appropriate or respectful to film his body being takemn to the coroners from the hospital? Helicopters being sent over to film the body in body bag being loaded into a van was in my opinion, sick. What happened to respect?

respect by the way, in my book anyway, doesn't include lying!!! I have been honest on FB and in day to day life, about my opinion of MJ> I have been honest when I say that IMO re the child abuse allegations, I think he bought himself out of trouble. Being found not guilty is different from having the charges dropped after paying an obcene amount of cash to the family of the 'victim'.

The most frequent bleat from the MJ fan camp has been ' oh but he wasn't found guilty' ' it never went to court' blah blah and so according to them he was innocent. Well by that logic, was Hitler innocent of genocide? Was Fred West innocent of multiple murders?? They both avoided justice in court by killing themselves. MJ avoided justice in court by paying hush money to the purported victim. ( and justice could indeed of found him innocent, after all if there was no evidence he would of been found innocent wouldn't he???)

The most sickening remark I have seen though, coming from several sources, have been along the lines of ' well he probably did do it, but hey the kid got lots of money so its ok aint it???'

I'm sorry but WTF??? So by that logic abusing a child is fine as long as you pay the child concerned lots of money ..... isn't that called prostition? Is child prostittion not illegal in the western world???

Anyway guilty or inncoent, he is dead, and it is surely time to let him go. If not for his sake then for the sake of his kids. Three kids, who regardless of their fathers guilt or innocence, loved him. They deserve the right to mourn him in peace. Not have this all turned into the bloody circus it is at the moment.

Mind you this is just a repeat of what I whinged about a while back isn't it!!