Thursday, August 12, 2010

Freaked, head out of sand.

WARNING: Deals with heart related matters, including cardiac arrest. Could be distressing to some of my readers.

I have ARVC, I have a condition that could kill me. I know this. I live with it. I am one of the very lucky ones. I was diagnosed before I actually had a cardiac arrest. Most cases are not diagnosed until someone dies. I am LUCKY. I am alive and with the ICD I will not become another statistic. Most days I just get on with life. Due to the surgery I have lost partial use of one arm. I cannot drive, fly a plane, sky dive or go on a roller coaster, but heck I am alive so whats all that matter?

Actually 99% of the time nowadays I bury my head in the sand and forget about it. Or hide from it. But every so often something happens to kick me back to reality. last night was one of those occasions. Sat watching 'Bondi rescue' On Sky+ ... suddenly a man was pulled rom the ocean. Dead. The life guards had a defib, so they set to work and miraculously, they resusuitated him. He was rushed to hospital, where tests showed he has the same as me. So he had an ICD implanted. Lucky Guy. Very very lucky man, not that he has it, nor that the cardiac arrest happened, but that he was close to men who knew their job, who had taken the time to train to use the defib, who cared enough to keep going when all seemed hopeless. That they even has a defib there was pretty amazing too !!

It was good to see, see someone live where there should of been no chance. Good to see the Bondi Lifeguards do what they were trained to do and to keep fighting to save a total stranger, what heroes they are.

But it was so freaky, to effectively watch what could of been my own death, all the what if's are playing on my mind. Yeah, yeah I know I should pull myself together and count my blessings that I am still alive, that I was diagnosed in time. That despite the buggered arm, and the restrictions I can live a pretty normal life. That I can see my children grow up. But my head is still dwelling on it.

Below is the link to the video copy of the show. Please be aware this could be very distressing to some so watch with caution (or don't watch!)


pilou said...

Em, I just found your blog because of the heart condition we have in common. It does help to try not to be ruled by this thing! If you ever wanted to join a group with info and support, there is a great private yahoo group devoted to ARVD that you can join through a link in the upper left of Hope to see you there,