Thursday, July 15, 2010

Damned if they do, damned if they don't

Sometimes I really feel for head teachers. It seems that whatever they do they are going to be damned by somebody. A report in our local rag today tells of the anger of parents at two schools, after it emerged that the school caretaker had been convicted of child porn offences.

The parents are not, according to the rag, angry at the pervert, no no, they are angry at the headteachers for not telling them as soon as they caretaker was arrested.

Whilst I can understand them being upset and worried about their children, do they not realise WHY the head didn't tell them? Simple, because if they had, then the pervert in question could have claimed an unfair trial, due to rumour and supposition in the local community and walked away free to commit further offences.

The Great British Justice system often sucks, but in this case it did exactly what it said on the tin and a guilty man was convicted.

The LAW said that the head(s) were not allowed to tell the parents, so why oh why are the poor sods getting the blame now?

Suppose they had told the parents, and the pervert had walked free as a result? Oh yes they would of been blamed again. Give them a break ffs. They are doing a job, to the best of their ability and within the confines of the law. End of.

And if you feel like blaming anyone, why not the sick bastard who committed the offences? Lets hope that his sentencing in August reflects, for once, the gravity of the crime and the effect on the victims


Sandy's witterings said...

A lot of the time I think the public and papers aren't really interested in justice but in something to complain about.