Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some people should not be mothers

Just got back from the local shop, and am gobsmacked , set the scene a bit, the local shop is notorious for trouble, gangs of teens, drug dealing and general dodgy characters hanging around, its dark, its cold, and its not terribly well lit. For once its pretty quiet up there, but theres numerous dark alleys, fronted by a carpark. I hate going there after dark, none of the older kids are allowed after dark, and the only reason I was there was because we had lost Skye's ventolin inhaler and had to get an emergency script from the docs and chemist.

Parked outside the shop is a buggy, and sat in the buggy is a little girl, about three years old... all alone Went into shop and looked for mum, she left moments later.. spoke to girl on counter, who I used to work with and apparently mum had been in the shop for about ten minutes, out of sight of the door, there is no way on earth she could have seen her child yet she felt it was right to leave her there I am not generally a judgemental person when it comes to other peoples parenting methods, and am far from being a perfect mum myself but I make no apology now for saying that this woman is unbelievable, FFS in this day and age it is just not safe to leave your toddler alone anywhere let alone in an area like this. I am so so angry, wish I had said something, but doubt it would have made any difference at all

Does she not realise what a precious thing a child is ?