Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My news

WARNING - I have what some of you may consider to be shocking,some of you amusing news. Do not take a mouthful of coffee befroe you read on. I would not like to be responsible for the damage or destruction of keyboards !!

I have become a Pagan. I have undertaken the dedication ritual tonight. Its not a decision I have taken lightly, its been something that I have been working towards for sometime.

In answer to some of the questions sure to be coming my way

No it doesn't mean I am going to start dancing naked round the woods at midnight

No I do not have a broomstick, nor a pointy hat.

No I do not worship the devil

No I do not sacrifice goats

If you want to know more, and if I can help dispel any further myths surrounding Paganism feel free to leave me a message !!

I am happy, I am the happiest I have been almost in my entire life. Everything about my new life feels 'right'. I hope that ypou will be as happy for me , that at last I have found my place



Dan said...

Ahhhhhh.... You know, a few days back I thought something along the lines of "I wonder if Emma is going down the pagan/wiccan/spiritual route, as she's signing everything with blessings" but the thought vanished as soon as it occurred! hehe

Congrats to you, and welcome to the 21st Century - you use the hoover now, not a broomstick!

debbie said...

oh wow Emma, comming from a non anything here, it sounds very dark, deep and scary, but pleased to hear there are no broomsticks, pointy hats or goats harmed in anyway,, Oh Hello
many congratulations on your change to being a Pagan,,

Emma said...

I honestly have no idea why anyone would find that shocking or disapprove in the slightest.

Nothing wrong with it and if it makes you that happy, then it's even better!!

Enjoy your paganism! (is that a word???)

Laney said...

Hi, I've snuck on over here from 0ddness, I just wanted to say congratulations on becoming a Pagan, from a fellow Pagan! *waves*

Celt said...

Although now having met the rest of (well a good proportion of Wilts pagans)you'll be aware that skyclad dancing is an option,lol
And you don't need a goat as there are plenty of sheep to go around at Ave ;-)