Thursday, July 05, 2012


Tonight, I am sitting here in shock. Shaken to the very core. Tonight I found out something that I never imagined could ever happen to anyone I knew. Its the kind of thing that happens to other people, on the news, not to people I know.

Years ago, when I was a teenager, I had this friend, Sarah, she'd been at school with my brothers, but you know we kinda clicked, she had a little baby boy Daniel, and I used to babysit for her sometimes. I also used to bunk off school and go round hers. Trust me it was waaaay more fun than going to school! I trusted her, looked up to her and adored her, her fiancé, and Daniel. When she got married, I was a bridesmaid for her. She lived with her Dad at first then they moved to a little place of their own. Life moved on, we moved, I had exams, and then work, then marriage, I heard that she and her husband had spilt up, she was busy .... the long and the short was we lost touch.

I so regret that now. I have been looking for her the past 2-3 years. On Facebook, that kind of thing. Couldn't find her. Then today I found her ex on Facebook. So I sent him a friend request. He accepted it. We started to catch up

Then he told me... told me why I had found no trace of her. She is dead. Not just dead, but murdered. Murdered in a most awful way. I am heartbroken. She was a lovely, happy, bubbly, funny and caring woman. She was a GOOD person. She didn't deserve to die, and she most definitely didn't deserve to die the way she did.

This doesn't happen to people that I know, it happens to people in distant cities, on the news. It doesn't happen in streets where I used to play as a child, to friends of mine. Only it has, it did.

Her Dad, a lovely guy, who used to let me earn a bit of pocket money at weekends and hols by helping him on his delivery round, died a year later.I am convinced he died of a broken heart. He adored his family.

Tonight, I will go to bed, and I hope, dream of the fun times. I will not post links to the news stories surrounding her murder. Her killer was caught and received a punishment. I can't say its justice, because right now nothing could feel like justice.

Just remember guys, don't lose contact with those you care about. Or by the time you try to re-connect, it could be just too late.

RIP Sarah, RIP Dennis, I have never forgotten either of you. Never will. xxxx