Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Moving onwards and upwards

Tommorow I will return to blogging properly. It will be one week tommorow since I wrote the open letter to Elaina. I am sure as I can be that Elaina has read the remarks left for her. To be certain I will be printing out the thread and all the responses tommorow afternoon and sending it to her snail mail address.

After that I am going to let things move on, the damage she has caused is beyond belief. I for one will never be able to forgive her for what she has done. I have taken other action which will be explained fully later on if appropriate.

But to dwell further on what this twisted, wicked creature has done will be to to say that she is worth worrying about !! She is not.

My sincerest hope now is that Dan, Jo and all the people affected by her actions can find a way of healing the damage done to them, without it leaving too much of a scar.

Elaina, my final words to you, be careful, be very very careful. You are being watched. Not just by one person but by a whole tribe of people. People who have been very very annoyed by your actions. You actions and behaviour will be watched. You start lying or trolling another site and the moderators will be informed. As will others who have an interest in you elaina. Like your uncle perhaps ?? None of the people watching you will allow you a chance to repeat the damage you have done

The internet is a big place Elaina but there is no place to hide from people on a mission to stop you from repeating your actions.

Karma will catch up with you one day Elaina.