Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Observations from a bus seat

Being a non driver and not being able to potter too far, I spend a fair bit of time travelling by bus. I enjoy, whilst on my jouney, to watch and listen to those around me. Sometimes I have an almost irresistible urge to crack up laughing at some of them. others give me things to ponder. Often incidents or objects we pass by make me think, ponder, laugh or want to cry. I often think ' I must blog about that' yet by the time I have finished by chores in town, wrestled the kids back onto the bus, made fresh observations, and got home, well by then I have usually forgotten the deep and meaningful post I was going to make. So today I bought a new notebook, and each time I travel I will scribble down my thoughts, and later, wehn peace reigns, will transcribe those random scribbles into legible english and post here. Could be funny, could be sad, could be ranty, and could be deep thinking, or even middle thinking lol. Anyway watch and read, you never know what will occur!! With thanks to ,swindoncentric whose 'heard it on the bus' section I have contributed to, and have inspired me to start this slot on my blog!

First thing in book? Reminder to self to take camera on next bus trip and photograph a bus seat to illustrate this 'ere slot rofl


mockney said...

So there'll now be two people with their ears pricked up while traveling on the bus!

Go to it!