Saturday, April 17, 2010

Disabled Army Veteran gives Anne Snelgove the Truth ...

So there we were sitting in the garden, Gary and I, our good friends F and T, enjoying the sunshine, drinking tea and chatting.

The peace of a quiet Saturday, no 'Fat Alberts' to disturb the tranquility.

"Oooh I like to see voters in the garden' came a strident tone, as the Labour Parlimentary Candidate, Anne Snelgrove, came striding across the road, smiling as only a politician can.

"We've met before haven't we?" she gushed to F, as he leant on his walking stick (courtesy of the his army career)

The rest of us exchanged looks of total horror, as she shook hands (well fingertips) with us all.

"So where did we meet then?" she grinned

"At the Cenotaph" F replied through gritted teeth

" OH yes I remember"

"Yes when you insulted me" growled F, obviously not very happy

Anne, politicians smile never wavering for a second, " Oh?"

So F reminded her. Of the incident last Remembrance Day, when he and T had gone to the Cenotaph, after all the parade and pomp had gone, to pay their respects to all F's fallen comrades. And how she, Anne, was there, with a TV crew, who demanded that F and T move away quickly, straight away in fact, as they wanted to interview Ms Snelgrove.

"Oh I wasn't near you, it wasn't anything to do with me"

"You were stood next to the reporter" F reminded her

" Oh you know what the press are like" she smiled at F, " I hope it never happens again"

With a final patronising comment on T's pentagram badge, off Anne went like a ship in full sail.

Where is the apology Anne? Where is the assurance that you take on board what happened, and will ensure that it will absolutely NOT happen again?

My opinion, for what its worth, you are a career politician. Not a care for what your consituents think, want or need, as long as you get the power you crave.

And how come you didn't speak to Gary and I, the ones in the doorway, obviously the residents. Oh we didn't warrant a chat did we? Not even a goodbye as you left.

Personally speaking, the chances of me voting for you .....? About the same as you plaiting fog to be honest.

I have not forgotten the very rude and abrupt email you sent me, when I dared to remind you that you had promised to sign a Private Members Bill, and after three weeks your name still had not appeared on the list!!

But hey what do I matter? I am just a voter, one of the people who gets to choose if you keep your job. In my honest opinion, you got this job on the back of Julia Drown, who genuinely cared, who worked damn hard for Swindon.

Lets hope that post May 6th, we get a MP who cares more about this town and the people in it, than they do about themselves and their owh selfish desires.

Pissed Off of Toothill

(PS BTW was this your first visit to Toothill? I certailnly have never seen you here before... but then again, we have never had such a crucial election before have we???)


Posh Totty said...

Well said, unfortunately I fear they are all the same :O(