Friday, June 11, 2010

Choosing a new phone provider

Right, I currently have two phones on two networks.

I have an internet camera phone (prety basic) on Orange.

I have a very basic phone on vodafone.

Orange - I currently pay 30 GBP a month on PAYG for unlimited texts and internet.
Drawback being that the internet is reguarly off, get error messages such as 'memory full' and it kinda pisses me off lol

Vodafone - pay 5 GBP a month for free calls to three nominated vodafone numbers (Gary, mum, brother) If I pay 5 gbp a week get free calls and texts at weekends (thought only 60 minutes allowed to a mobile grrr)


Unlimited texts
Unlimited Internet
reliable Internet connection

So oh loyal bloggers, what do I go for? Is there a better deal out there for me? Must be on PAYG :D

TIA xxx


Aly said...

I'm with o2 PAYG.I pay £15 +4.50 bolt on for unlimited internet.I never use any more than that and I use the internet often during the day for Hotmail, Facebook and Twitter.You also get a guaranteed prize every time you add £15.It's the best deal I've used since October before then I was with Orange.

Dan said...

I actually left O2 to join Orange, and have never looked back... I pay £35 a month, unlimited internet (which works perfectly), Unlimited Texts (and received a message last week as I was approaching the "Cap" which is 5000 per month!), and 12hours of call time. AND I get my home broadband for free included in that too.

I've never had ANY issues with my internet from them on the mobile - even when in the middle of Dartmoor, I was able to take pictures, send them to Facebook, Blog, Twitter... I question if it's actually your phone - you need to be able to get a good quality 3G signal at the least for decent internet. My W995 has enhanced 3G which is excellent.

Get a new contract, get a new phone, then see what happens :)